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Philosophy and Services: professional, comprehensive, project-oriented music publishing service committed to excellence. Transcription, arranging for any instrumental combination including piano reductions, editing, and music note-setting through to proof-reading and provision of final artwork. Commissions undertaken.

Previous projects include:

Music Note-setting

Boosey & Hawkes
Sir Peter Maxwell Davies

Orchestral/symphony No.7 (Score)

Orchestral/symphony No.8 (Antartic) (Score)
Orchestral/Orkney Saga No.3 (Score)
Orchestral/Orkney Saga No.5 (Score)
Choral/Mass (Score)
Chamber/Seven Skies of Winter (Score)

Sir Harrison Birtwistle

Chamber/Orpheus Elegies (Score)
Chamber/9 setting of Lorine Niedecker (Score)
Chamber/There is something between us (Score & parts)
Piano/Betty Freeman: Her Tango
Piano/Ostinato with melody

Choral/The Gleam (Score)

Mark Anthony Turnage

James MacMillan


H K Gruber

Kurt Schwertsik

Mark Simpson

Qigang Chen


Michel Tabachnik

Phillipe Hersant

Ballet/Strapless (Score & parts)

Vocal/About Water (Vocal Score)

Opera/Anna Nicole (Score, Vocal score & parts)

Orchestral/Frieze  (Score & parts)

Orchestral/Chicago Remains  (Score & parts)

Orchestral/Cello concerto  (Score & parts)

Orchestral/Piano concerto  (Score & parts)

Orchestral/At sixes and sevens  (Score & parts)

Orchestral/Speranza  (Score & parts)

Orchestral/Passchendaele  (Score & parts)

Choral/Beatus Andreas  (Score)

Opera/Der Herr Nordwind  (Vocal score)

Chamber/Die Welt eine Laute  (Score & parts)

Chamber/Septet  (Score & parts)

Chamber/Geysir  (Score & parts)

Orchestral/Trumpet concerto  (Score & parts)

Orchestral/Prélude à la légende  (Score & parts)

Orchestral/Violin concerto no 2  (Score & parts)

Opera/Benjamin's dernière nuit  (Score, Vocal score & parts)

Choral/Le Livre de Job  (Score, Vocal score & parts)

Chamber/Sacher Fantasies  (Score & parts)

Chamber/Quatre Miniatures  (Score & parts)

Chamber/Quartet no 3  (Score & parts)

Choral/Les Rêveries  (Score & parts)

Music Sales

Hans Werner Henze

Orchestral/Scorribanda Sinfonica  (Score & parts)
Orchestral/L'heure bleue  (Score & parts)
Orchestral/5 messages from Queen Saba  (Score & parts)

Cyril Scott

Orchestral/Festival overture  (Score & parts)

Herbert Howells

Choral/Sir Patrick Spens  (Score & parts)

Thea Musgrave

Chamber/Ring out wild bells  (Score & parts)
Chamber/Orfeo 3  (Score & parts)

John McCabe

Orchestral/Double concerto  (Score)


Piano/Summer in Marino (collection-Henze's 75th birthday)

Oxford University Press

Anthony Powers

Choral/Songs for dark times  (Score)

Schott & Co.
Sir Peter Maxwell Davies
Alexander Goehr
Cyril Scott

Choral/Magnificat & Nunc Dimittis  (Score)
Orchestral/Carcassonne  (Score & parts)
Orchestral/Neptune  (Score & parts)

Tearfund / Tim Hughes

Warner Chappell

Henry Wood

Song/To Act Justly  (Score)

Orchestral/Fantasia on British Sea Songs (Score & parts)


Music Arranging

Boosey & Hawkes
H K Gruber
Mark Anthony Turnage

Piano reduction of opera/Der Herr Nordwind  (Vocal score)

Piano reduction/About Water  (Vocal Score)
Piano reduction/Three Night Carols
Piano reduction/Calmo

Karl Jenkins

Michel Tabachnik

Piano reduction/Gaudate

Piano reduction of opera/Benjamin's dernière nuit

Piano reduction/Le Livre de Job

Schott & Co.
Cyril Scott

Piano reduction/Violoncello concerto  (Score)

Peters Edition

Richard Strauss

Orchestral/Also sprach Zarathustra incipit  (Score & parts)
Edexcel & AQA GCSE syllabus reductions of Vivaldi, Bach, Handel, Beethoven, Tchaikovsky


Composition Commissions

Trinity College, London
Violin sight-reading tests; initial to grade 8
Violin exam syllabus piano accompaniments

Viola d'amore Society of Great Britain
Harpsichord continuo realizations

Samples Reproduced by Kind Permission of Boosey & Hawkes Music Publisher Ltd.



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